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4 Ways NEMT Dispatch Software Keeps Brokers and Members on Time

Time is essential when it comes to efficient non-emergency medical transportation operations. When it comes to planning schedules and managing daily changes, manual processes and workarounds can be costly processes. This results in many brokers experiencing slowdowns as their NEMT solutions are not sufficiently automated for success.

The good news is that the right software will set up brokers for success. With robust, automated solutions, brokers will be on track to coordinate and exchange critical information for their business. They can also offer dependable service that boosts member satisfaction.

Here are four ways brokers can rely on automated software solutions to support time management and provide better service to members.

1. Automatically Communicate Cancellations

Liaising between transportation providers and members is vital for successful trips. With Momentm’s NEMT solutions, brokers can rely on integrated solutions, such as the client notification system and online booking portal, to support their communications. When a member cancels a trip, the system will communicate to the brokerage operations and then quickly pass that information to providers through the Provider Mobile app. Drivers receive scheduling changes automatically thanks to this real-time dispatch, thereby keeping them on an efficient schedule.

2. Automatically Notify Members

Manually calling or texting members can cost NEMT brokers valuable time and resources. However, with Momentm’s NovusMED suite of products, brokers can schedule flexible arrival notifications before a driver’s appearance so that members can be contacted by phone, text, or email notification. This feature allows the member time to prepare for their trip and board the vehicle while keeping drivers on track. Member notifications can also reduce the frequency of no-shows, late cancelations, in addition to driver wait times, significantly improving a broker’s efficiency in their NEMT operations.

3. Automated Scheduling

Momentm simplifies the trip assignment process. Brokers can easily build and recommend efficient schedules for their contracted providers to minimize idle time and maximize resources. This includes selecting the least costly, most appropriate transportation for each member and each trip. Automated scheduling of routine transportation requests allows the brokerage scheduling team time to focus on more difficult travel arrangements. The software can adjust schedules in real-time as needed to further support a broker’s time management.

4. Automatically Integrate Specific Member Needs and Exclusions

Brokers know it is imperative to support each member’s unique travel requirements to ensure program success. However, manually integrating needs significantly impacts a broker’s time spent on scheduling.

Through Momentm’s NEMT dispatch software capabilities, custom parameters make planning simple. The system effectively supports a variety of exclusions and preferences to customize member service without extra manual effort, thereby reducing the overall cost of service.

Learn More About Momentm’s NEMT Solutions for Brokers

Building an efficient NEMT brokerage requires having reliable tools to automate tasks and improve efficiencies. With Momentm’s integrated NEMT software solutions, brokers are able to implement operational improvements to boost their bottom line. Members, too, will benefit from dependable and predictable service. Thanks to automation and online portals, consistent communication, and dependable scheduling will offer a greater sense of comfort.

If you’re a broker looking to get the most out of your NEMT software, turn to Momentm’s customizable and fully integrated systems. To learn more and request a demo, contact Momentm today.

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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