NEMT Software Notifications For Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Clients

Communicating With Clients Just Got Easier

Momentm’s NovusMED Notification System reduces the strain on call centers while improving your service to your customers. With little effort for your staff, you can automatically contact each client or member individually, days or moments before a trip occurs. With better communication, you’ll know immediately if a trip is no longer required, greatly reducing the incidence of no shows. Your clients are better prepared before their vehicle arrives, giving them more control over their experience. NovusMED Notifications is cloud-based and fast to implement, easy to customize and configure. All messages containing Protected Health Information (PHI) through NovusMED Notifications platform are encrypted as per mandatory HHS and CMS requirements.

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Improved Customer Service

Fewer complaints as members know their estimated time of arrival, leading to improved customer service. Also helps with improved on-time performance. Also available as part of the solution is system-wide emergency messaging

Reduce Costs

Reduce no-shows and driver wait times. Less wait means more pickups, increasing revenue. Also provides relief to the call center and reduced IT work. No complicated and costly phone integration or client-side server setup

Easy to Deploy

  • Fast to implement.
  • No installation of new telephone lines or client-side server.
  • Easy to maintain. Software updates automatically.
  • Simple Configuration.
  • Friendly UI allows operators to configure unique notifications with ease in multiple languages.
  • Affordable. Low overhead costs and immediate revenue savings

Discover the difference our NEMT software notifications can have on your business, staff, and clients.

Problems this Solution Solves

By reducing the frequency of no shows, late cancelations, canceled at the door events, driver wait times, etc., you can remove resource-wasting inefficiencies throughout your operation. Having updates reduces the confusion that can destabilize your schedule.

  • Fewer slack miles
  • Get vehicles back on schedule faster
  • Increase vehicle utilization ratio


Notifications refer to the functionality within NovusMED that enables communication between members (patients) and transportation providers. This includes features such as text messaging and automated appointment reminders.

Notifications functionality is important in non-emergency medical transportation software because it helps improve the overall experience for patients by providing them with necessary information about their transportation and allowing them to communicate with providers if they have any questions or concerns. This can help reduce patient anxiety and stress, as well as improve patient satisfaction with the transportation service.

SMS, email, and phone. Momentm NovusMED Notifications can send out alerts and reminders via these popular media.

Yes, NovusMED Notifications offers fully customizable client communication functionality. Providers can often choose which types of communication channels they want to offer (e.g. SMS, email, phone), as well as customize the content and timing of automated appointment reminders.

Discover the difference our NEMT software notifications can have on your business, staff, and clients.

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