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We are excited to introduce you to the leadership team at Momentm. Our leadership team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they all share a common commitment to Momentm’s goal of addressing a key social determinant of health (SDOH), namely non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), for many market segments including Managed Care Organizations, brokers, transportation providers, PACE, IDD and health groups
General Manager
VP, Business Development
VP, Security and Compliance
Marketing Manager
VP, Client Services
VP, Technology
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Steve Dewis – General Manager at Momentm

Steve Dewis

General Manager

Steve is a talented executive with over 27 years’ experience directing technology companies, including the last 5 years leading Momentm. Steve has also held the positions of Vice President of Operations and Director of Client Services at other sister Modaxo companies specializing in people transportation. He specializes in building high performing teams with a culture of innovation, creativity, and efficiency that are customer and member focused. Steve brings his expertise in change and strategic management to the business, which are especially important in the fast-paced and continuously changing Health and Human Services marketplace.

Steve is a professional engineer and has a BSc in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering. When not advocating for better access to medical transportation to address the social determinants of health (SDOH), you will find Steve either in the pool swimming his daily laps, or hiking, skiing, or biking in the Rocky Mountains.

Kris Lyon - VP, Business Development at Momentm

Kris Lyon

VP, Business Development

Kris Lyon is the VP, Business Development for Momentm. In that role she is uniquely positioned to work closely with every workgroup within the organization from Sales to Professional Services, Customer Care, Development and Marketing. Kris has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and transportation sectors. Prior to joining Momentm she ran an integrated transportation brokerage service including public transit, community transit, and Medicaid NEMT. Her expertise supports Momentm clients in operational and management challenges with medical transportation Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she attended schools in Hood River, OR before moving to Eugene, Or to attend the University of Oregon where she still resides today. She degrees in Community Health and Gerontology from UO, and received degrees in Health Care Administration and an MBA from Bushnell University. In her spare time she enjoys a variety of hand crafting and spending time with her grandchildren.

Jeff Mathena - VP, Security and Compliance at Momentm

Jeff Mathena

VP, Security and Compliance
Jeff Mathena is a Cyber Security/Compliance/IT Leader. He has a Masters from Boston University, a Bachelors from University of Massachusetts and has been a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) since 2008. Jeff is a former Marine, a father, a beekeeper, rides a Harley, and a firearms instructor on the weekends. During his career, he has been successful at building amazing IT and Cyber Security teams, leading by doing and stepping out of his comfort zone. Over the years, Jeff has developed number of skills such as finding creative/secure solutions to complex problems, delivering cutting edge results, capitalizing on opportunities, building productive partnerships between the security, technology and business teams, working over vendors to get more for less, squeezing savings out of tight budgets, implementing secure/scalable private and public cloud infrastructures. Part of the leadership team, Jeff has elevated the level of security and compliance at Momentm in order to serve our growing list of enterprise customers.
Rizwan Mustafa - Marketing Manager at Momentm

Rizwan Mustafa

Marketing Manager

Rizwan Mustafa is an award-winning and innovative marketing strategy professional with a focus on brand awareness and demand generation. Over the last 15 years, Rizwan has worked for some of the top event organizers in the world, delivering successful B2B tradeshows. Since 2019, Rizwan has charted a new career path by moving to a marketing generalist role in tech space, raising brand awareness & demand generation through integrated marketing campaigns.

Rizwan has a computing degree from the University of Huddersfield and an MBA from the University of Southampton, both in the United Kingdom.

As part of the Momentm leadership team, Rizwan works to develop strategic marketing campaigns spanning multiple channels, which include effective pay-per-click and SEO strategy, marketing campaign, content marketing and tradeshows.

Rizwan loves to dabble into new marketing tech stack and enjoys all kinds of racquet sports including squash, table tennis and badminton.

Andrew Rivas - VP, Client Services at Momentm

Andrew Rivas

VP, Client Services

After more than two decades working with fleet dispatching, scheduling, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation software Andrew Rivas has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry.

Andrew cut his teeth in the early 2000’s overseeing the deployment of mobile dispatch computer systems communicating over conventional radio systems spending countless hours working with installers, drivers, supervisors, managers, and executives to ensure the most optimal working solutions.

As the years went by Andrew witnessed the evolution of technology to today’s mobile tablets, using 5G technology, communicating with the best NEMT scheduling software available which interfaces with user friendly notification and online booking capability.

Andrew is responsible for Professional Services and Customer Care for Momentm and works with a highly talented management team to build Momentm’s business and chart future growth to ensure its partners receive the best Non-Emergency Medical Transportation software experience possible. Andrew’s team of highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced specialists deploy and maintain Non-Emergency Medical transportation solutions for many partners across North America, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of people are able to access medical and non-medical services.

He loves camping, hiking, skiing, skating, the outdoors, and spending time with his family. He is pretty handy and loves to learn new things and figure things out whether at work or around the house

Joe Tovar - VP, Technology at Momentm

Joe Tovar

VP, Technology

Joe Tovar has been with the Constellation family of businesses for 18 years, working in the Paratransit, School, and NEMT divisions, where he developed expertise in operations, technology and marketing. Currently, as VP, Technology, Joe oversees R&D and Strategy, while collaborating with all areas of product development.

Outside of work, Joe loves spending time with his wife and two kids, exploring his native Arizona, and pushing his limits while mountain biking, trail running and hiking.

Rafay Usmani - Senior Finance Manager at Momentm

Rafay Usmani

Senior Finance Manager

Rafay Usmani is an accomplished financial professional with nearly a decade of experience in financial reporting and analysis, working with various financial tools and systems, and driving process improvements. As a Senior Finance Manager at Momentm, he is responsible for driving the 5 year quarterly forecast model and support the business in achieving its financial goals.

Mitchell Wolfe - VP Sales at Momentm

Mitchell Wolfe

VP, Sales

Mitchell Wolfe is a seasoned software technologist with 25+ years experience guiding organizations through change. He brings an economic and business model perspective that leads to transformation.

With 8 years of experience at Modaxo companies, Mitchell has had the pleasure of leading the Momentm sales team for more than 5 years. As a SDOH, transportation is an enabler with a promise to significantly improve the lives of so many in our communities. Mitchell partners with health plans, PACE, national brokers and health and human services transportation teams to assess their current transportation models that turns transportation challenges into a center of excellence for your organization.

When not traveling for business, Mitchell enjoys hiking in off-the-beaten path locations and trying new foods.

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