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The All-In-One In-Vehicle NEMT Application

A vital aspect to a successful NEMT operation is a well-organized system of information. Juggling the multiple tasks to make the transition from booking to active rides can be cumbersome to manage. Momentm’s NovusMED Driver (formally DriverMate) provides NEMT organizations with accurate manifests, ability to receive last minute trips, access to accurate locations of vehicles and passengers, and offers billing and safety performance data all in a single integrated application. NovusMED Driver provides organizations with a reliable and efficient NEMT solution to help meet all requirements in a single application.


iOS and Android Compatible

NovusMED Driver is both iOS and Android compatible, requiring no additional configuration.

Google or Waze Integration

Enhances driver safety and performance with Google and Waze map for detailed trip directions and visible traffic levels.

Trip Assigning

You can pre-assign trips and send information to drivers in real-time, permitting drivers to run last minute rides if needed.

Real-Time GPS

NovusMED Driver manages fleet and runs, enhancing the staff and passenger experience.

Two-Way Communication

Provides two-way communication between dispatch and drivers, improving efficiency and protecting passenger confidentiality.

Accurate manifests, last minute trips & precise locations with NovusMED Driver

Two Modes

Managed Mode

Companies with their own drivers and vehicles

3rd Party Mode

Subcontractors who perform trips on behalf of the company

Problems NovusMED Driver Solves

The real-time GPS tracking system drives better on-time performance and provides a direct communication channel for dispatchers and drivers. Customer services is improved as any changes or last-minute trip assignments are visible and easily managed by all parties.
Management of your vehicles, seat inventory, and the ability to monitor, track, and communicate in real-time leads to greater efficiency and quality outcomes.
By eliminating the need for manual data entry, you minimize the risk of human error and save time for more pressing tasks.
The real-time capabilities provide drivers, dispatchers, and passenger greater visibility, reducing the chance of no-shows, last-minute cancelations, and managing last-minute trip requests.


Yes, NovusMED Driver provides performance and bill automation, reducing time and cost spent, allowing dispatchers to manage fleet and runs in real-time.
All segments in the NEMT ecosystem benefit from this service: Brokers, Providers, MCO’s and PACE organizations.

The multi-tenant in-vehicle NEMT app makes it possible to meet all requirements of organizations within this ecosystem. This NEMT software solution ensures that your drivers have accurate manifests, receive last minute trips, and locations of vehicles and passenger locations are tracked for efficiency, billing, and safety purposes.

Find out how NovusMED Driver can work within your NEMT Ecosystem

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