NEMT Software For Transportation Providers

NEMT Software for Dispatching, Scheduling, Routing, Billing & More

We understand that each NEMT provider operates under unique circumstances. The structure for Medicaid, Medicare and insurance-funded services varies by state; providers may serve primarily urban or rural areas, and may work with a single funder or multiple funders.

Momentm’s NovusMED NEMT transportation software for providers enables you to quickly build optimized schedules and has flexible scheduling and dispatch modules that can be shaped to suit individual needs. Other functions include: streamlining back-office processes such as billing, improving communication with drivers, and enhancing client service.

Momentm has extensive experience in supporting Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) operations of all sizes in addition to a variety of Health and Human Services Transportation. We understand the unique challenges of Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay funded services and deliver solutions that enable our customers to improve member experience and deliver quality care. We are here to support organizations that want to transform their operations with the most technologically advanced systems available. Let’s begin to innovate and build momentum together.


Simplify Scheduling

Move beyond paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules with automated scheduling and dispatch. Book single or daily batch trips with incredible fluidity.

Make Credential Management a Breeze

Track and monitor required driver and vehicle certifications, licensing, training and insurance. Improve billing compliance and reduce the number of denied trips.

Stress-Free Exports & Imports

Perform document imports and exports, such as trips, completion data, and credentials. Receive electronic trip requests from, and submit trip completion data to: brokers, health care organizations and private pay sources. Quickly determine service and payment expectations.

Better Client Experience

Inform clients of their trip status with Notifications. Allow clients to self-manage their trips at their convenience with Online Booking. Ensure drivers electronically receive daily trip assignments and any scheduling changes with In-Vehicle Apps. Learn more in the section below.

Integrate Directly with ModivCare

API connections with ModivCare and others ensure users have the real time connections they need to provide seamless transportation services.

Flexible Dispatch

Accommodate same day scheduling changes such as will-calls, last minute trip requests and late-cancellations without impacting efficiency or on-time performance.

Trust Your Data

Maintain an accurate and complete database of drivers, vehicles and clients. Document and respond effectively to compliments, complaints, and other inquiries with client relationship management.

Automate Billing & Claims

Automated electronic data transmission improves billing accuracy and compliance and reduces rejected trips. Receive faster reimbursements from multiple funding sources including Medicaid, Medicare and other contracts. Transactions comply with HIPAA data confidentiality laws and information for audits is automatically captured.

Stay Secure & Compliant

Enhanced security to ensure continued confidentiality, integrity, and availability of solutions. Exceptional ratings and scores on HIPAA attestation, Secured Software Development Life Cycle, HITRUST RAPID Assessment and Cyber Risk Scorecard

Discover the power of our NEMT software for transportation providers.

Our NEMT Software Features


Simplify trip assignments and easily select the least costly, most appropriate transportation.


Ensure your members receive timely and efficient service to meet their transportation needs.


Help providers determine the most efficient and effective route when transporting your members.

In-Vehicle Apps

Helps transportation providers and drivers exchange information with their brokers and/or trip providers

Online Booking & Passenger Portal

Self-serve tool to empower members to manage their transportation experience.

Client Notifications

Send members the latest updates regarding their trip to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Credential Management

Manage credentials to ensure that only qualified drivers and vehicles provide trips to your members.

Data Center Services

Secure HIPAA-compliant, Tier 3 data center to upload your database, core application, and add-on products to

Customer Feedback That Inspires Us

NovusMED’s reporting capabilities provides us the data we need to accurately invoice. The report integrates with our invoicing program – this has saved us a huge amount of time.
Cheryl Kastrenakes
Executive Director
Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association
When we were looking to update our previous transportation software to a robust transportation software, I met with a lot of companies and did not see a close comparison to the Momentm’s (previously TripSpark) Novus program. The ability to scale the solutions based upon the scheduling parameters and violations has been paramount to our success.
Michael Milavec
Transportation Director
PACE Health Care Transportation - Senior Life
The bottom line is that we believe in what we do. We were able to achieve a major milestone in 90 days by building an entire statewide organization of provider, delivery source, call center and claims processing. The future of WellTrans is looking very bright.
William Retherford

How We Helped Our Clients Succeed

Our case studies feature a unique customer story that highlights the challenges they faced, the solutions we provided, and the outcomes they achieved.

Discover the power of our NEMT software for transportation providers.


Momentm’s Non-emergency medical transportation software solution helps transportation providers manage their operations, including scheduling, dispatching, billing, and reporting. It can benefit your business by streamlining your workflow, reducing administrative costs, improving communication with clients and partners, and enhancing the quality and reliability of your services.
Non-emergency medical transportation software typically includes features such as online booking, automatic dispatching, real-time tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting. It uses advanced technology such as GPS, mapping, and mobile applications to optimize transportation routes, minimize delays, and ensure client safety and satisfaction.
The key features to look for in non-emergency medical transportation software include scheduling and dispatching, real-time tracking and monitoring, billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics, mobile applications, and integration with third-party platforms such as electronic health records and payment gateways. The software should also be customizable, user-friendly, and compliant with industry regulations and standards. Momentm’s NovusMED is a highly customizable software solution with all of these capabilities and more.
To choose the right non-emergency medical transportation software for your business, you should consider your specific needs and goals, evaluate different software vendors and products, check their customer reviews and ratings, and compare their pricing, features, and support options. You should also ask for demos and trials, and consult with your staff, clients, and partners to ensure the software meets your expectations and requirements.
The cost of non-emergency medical transportation software varies depending on factors such as the vendor, the product, the features, the customization, and the support options. Some vendors offer subscription-based pricing models, while others charge per user, per ride, or per transaction. You should ask for transparent and detailed pricing information from each vendor, and compare their offers to find the best value for your money.

Save time, resources, and money with our cloud-based non-emergency medical transportation software

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