WellTrans Implemented Momentm's NEMT Software and Achieved 100% Compliance in Just 3 Months

Customer Success Story

When WellTrans partnered with Momentm, they had just three (3) short months to be fully operational and ready to coordinate 30,000 to 35,000 trips per month. With Momentm’s NovusMED NEMT software deployment, WellTrans was already 90-95% compliant with their required service levels after just one month of operation. By the end of the second month, WellTrans was 100% compliant.

WellTrans, a new NEMT operation – established by William Retherford, arranges transportation for Indiana Medicaid member residents who have no other means of getting to and from their healthcare service destinations. They are deeply committed to providing on-time, reliable service in a safe and secure manner for every member who travels with them. Every. Single. Trip.

The 90-Day Challenge

When WellTrans partnered with Momentm, they had a near-impossible mission to accomplish – to be fully operational (from “scratch”) with 3 short months. When WellTrans’ client, Anthem Health Plans gave their previous provider just 90 days working notice due to compliance-related issues, they had that very short timeframe to create a working (and highly-efficient) organization. Everything from finding an office space, furnishing it, to successfully coordinating 30,000 to 35,000 trips per month, was the challenge. With service covering every region in the very rural state of Indiana, WellTrans managed to beautifully rise to that challenge.

A Great Start and Bright Future

With the first wave of Momentm’s NEMT software deployment on November 1, 2020, WellTrans was off to an exceptional start. Fully compliant after just two months of being operational, Rutherford credits their success to their solid partnership with Momentm and their experienced team.

WellTrans is already looking to enhance their NEMT suite with additional NovusMED functionality such as Passenger Portal and Notifications. Unlike other established NEMT providers who often retro-fit NovusMED with their existing software, WellTrans was able to use NovusMED as a brand new, solo solution. And WellTrans has been blown away by the early results. Now, looking to expand their business as aggressively as they started, WellTrans is already well-positioned to move quickly in their pursuit of winning more business. Taking a true problem-solution approach, the team is ready to move fast towards deployment, compliance and winning (many more) contracts, state by state.

WellTrans’ Future

State and health care plans have the greatest impact on society’s most vulnerable. So, with the first half of the state contract secure and deployed – and in a year of COVID-19 chaos, WellTrans is in a great position to secure the rest of the state contract. Today, WellTrans is focused on four (4) new contract opportunities in the state of Indiana, and with the flexible model they’ve built, they expect to be able to roll out across other states shortly.

WellTrans is passionate about the NEMT industry and their members, William Retherford beams “The bottom line is that we believe in what we do. We were able to achieve a major milestone in 90 days by building an entire statewide organization of provider, delivery source, call center and claims processing. The future of WellTrans is looking very bright.”

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