Call Center Solution for NEMT Brokers

Streamlining the trip booking process and reducing your average call time.

Time is worth its weight in gold working in a call center. Communicating with a client can be tedious when booking trips, spending precious seconds that could be spent scheduling even more trips to serve vulnerable populations. Part of NovusMED Software Suite, Momentm’s Call Center solution resolves this issue. NovusMED’s Call Center reduces the average call time, enabling staff to obtain accurate and reliable data without sacrificing quality service.
20 seconds saved per call with reduced clicks
50 seconds of overall time saving per call
Call centers doing 100,000 calls per month see a personnel cost savings of 10.4%
89% decrease in booking transaction time
84% decrease in scheduling transaction time
* Simulated tests when comparing booking through Call Center vs NovusMED Scheduling Screens
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Telephony Integration

  • Will automatically bring up the member’s record with verifiable information.
  • As of now, we only integrate with Five9’s solution.

Member Profiles

  • Used to verify and change member profile information.
  • The most valuable information is listed first in a member’s profile:
    • Service Programs: The funder of the trip is linked to the
      service/funding program set up in NovusMED.
    • Service limits: Pulled from the plan’s allocated trip/distance/cost limit and displays limit information where applicable.

Browse Trips

  • One of the many methods to search for and review trips
  • Provides a color-coordinated calendar view, allowing for easy navigation to specific dates.


  • While on a call with a member, an accessible menu bar offers several options for scheduling a trip. Once you click on a menu bar category, you will be sent to that section of the screen.
  • The quick and efficient navigations enhance the trip booking experience by saving time and effort.

Discover how Call Center can reduce your call time with ease!

Problems this Solution Solves

The streamlined navigation system elevates your system of operations, decreasing your average call time and permitting staff to take more calls.
The modern, intuitive interface is simple and convenient, allowing call center staff to clearly see important information and making it easy for new employees to learn and train.


Call Center is ideally used by brokers, who manage larger call volumes in a short time frame. We understand that every second counts in a brokerage, so Call Center’s integrated system helps decrease average call times in a simple-to-use operation.
Yes! You can review cases linked to specific members in the last tab of the main call-taking workflow process or submit a new complaint. All complaint data is synchronized with our NovusMED NEMT software for ease of use.
Telephony integration is any technology that manages computer and telephone interactions. It helps reduce average call times by allowing more calls to be taken without compromising customer satisfaction.

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