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Enable real-time data exchange between brokers, providers, volunteer programs and drivers

Momentm offers two types of in-vehicle software applications to ensure your drivers have accurate manifests, receive last minute trips, and locations of vehicles and passenger locations are tracked for efficiency, billing and safety purposes.

  • NovusMED Driver is used when you have your own fleet to manage and need to stay in touch and close to all your driver and vehicles.
  • Provider Mobile is used by third party transportation providers and provides insight to a broker how those trips are progressing.

The key to efficient transportation is real-time management of your vehicles and seat inventory. Being able to monitor, track, and communicate in real-time leads to the best use of resources and quality outcomes. And given its all digital, performance data is captured automatically and accurately which facilitates quick efficient reporting and billing reducing hours of time and cost.

NovusMED Driver and Provider Mobile are apps for smartphones or tablets that are used by drivers and transportation providers enabling exchange of data in real-time with their brokers and/or trip providers.


TripBroker is a portal that allows Brokers (and MCOs) to exchange trip related information with the providers in their network as well as manage credentialing (drivers and vehicles) and to facilitate the exchange of performance data and billing – a full life cycle management tool.

Capabilities - In-Vehicle App

Real-Time Updates

Improved Communication

Safety and Security

My Trips

Available Trips

Drivers may choose from a list of unassigned trips that are available for them to select. This screen gives drivers the information they need to determine if they can take a trip, such as distance from current location and total trip distance.

On/Off Switch

Drivers set themselves to ‘Unavailable’ when doing other work or not available. This turns off the GPS transmission to the broker and provider back office. To start working in Provider Mobile again, drivers simply press the toggle bar back to ‘Available’.

Trip Completion Information

Drivers can capture a client signature, if required, and review trip completion details before ‘finishing’ the trip and submitting the data.

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Capabilities - TripBroker

Trip Offer from Broker to Provider

The TripBroker interface lets third-party providers log in to see available trips on a simple screen. Providers can then accept or reject assigned trips and/or respond to bids and offers of unassigned trips. Using this portal, NEMT Brokers and MCOs can find the most cost-effective service provider and realize the greatest savings. TripBroker comes with a customizable user interface, as well as an API interface.

Managing Provider Performance

TripBroker can be easily customized. When providers use our Provider Mobile app, information such as arrival and departure times, odometer readings and vehicle locations can be tracked in TripBroker. This information is synchronized and automatically updated in the NovusMED software. This leads to easy performance management.

Expands for Billing & Credential Management

Whether you are an NEMT broker, MCO or a transportation provider, TripBroker can be extended to simplify your billing. Trip completion data can be added to each completed trip, either manually, via a file upload or using the Provider Mobile App. You can also manage drivers and vehicles by inputting capacity, license, insurance, training, inspection, and other mandatory credentialing data to ensure trips are being sent to compliant sources. Copies of documents can be uploaded and associated with the applicable driver or vehicle.

Ready to see our in-vehicle NEMT app in action?

NovusMED Driver App Benefits

  • Users can easily install this ready to use application, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  • Provider Mobile streamlines processes — from trip assignment and completion to billing.
  • Using the TripBroker online portal, transportation providers can instantaneously pre-assign trips to drivers and vehicles. Trip information is then immediately dispatched to drivers through the Provider Mobile App.
  • Dispatchers can manage fleet and runs in real time. If a vehicle is behind schedule, they can act proactively, enhancing client experience.
  • NovusMED Driver enables two-way communication between dispatch and drivers, reducing the need for radios and improving client confidentiality.
  • Drivers can follow detailed directions to event locations and see current traffic levels on a Google or Waze map. Voice navigation helps drivers focus on their route.

TripBroker Benefits

  • Offer or assign NEMT trips to compliant providers with a simple auto-assign tool
  • Audit trail for when a provider accepts or declines trips
  • Simplify performance data submission and improve claims payment accuracy and cycles
  • Create bid lots of difficult to fill trips for provider network bidding and fulfillment

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