Streamline Your Call Intake Operations

Momentm’s New Call Center Solution

One of our core values at Momentm is prioritizing a member-first perspective. Putting your member’s well-being at the forefront of our operation means growing and evolving with you as your needs change and grow. As NEMT brokerages are an integral part of the industry, we created a new product to improve efficiency, accessibility, and time-management called Call Center.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  1. Call Center features and benefits.
  2. How Call Center can elevate your operations.
  3. Ways Call Center has successfully shown improvements during testing.

Why You Need Call Center for Your Brokerage

Every non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokerage relies on efficient call-time management and quality service. As the first point of contact for members, ensuring that their trips are appropriately scheduled and that their information is accurately recorded is crucial. Momentm designed Call Center to streamline the call-intake process, decrease your average call time, and improve your operational performance.

As an addition to the NovusMED software suite, Call Center features:

  1. Telephony Integration that will automatically bring up member’s profile with verifiable information (integrated with Five9’s solution).
  2. Convenient and modern user interface to enhance the trip booking experience and simplify the training process.
  3. Several on-screen options for scheduling trips while on an active call.
  4. Streamlined navigation elevating your system of operations, decreasing your average call time, allowing call service representatives (CSR) to take more calls.

These are few of the many features in using Call Center, but what is more important to note is how these features are a net-positive in your NEMT brokerage.

What Call Center Can Do for You

From start to finish, results from simulated testing have shown an 84% decrease in booking transaction time. Momentm’s Call Center is designed to simplify the user and admin responsibilities with one intuitive interface, improving your operational efficiency, quality service, and effectively facilitate training.

If you are a CSR, processing member information can be a time-consuming task if your system is not equipped to handle larger call volumes. We understand that every second counts, so we designed Call Center with your needs in mind to help decrease your average call time and encourage growth in your brokerage.

Call Center’s interface permits significantly less clicks than processing trips using NovusMED, an impact of 20 seconds saved. Early results show a savings of 50 seconds on an average 8-minute call for a personnel cost savings of 10.4%.

Interested Yet?

Momentm’s new addition to the NovusMED software suite, Call Center, revolutionizes the call intake process in NEMT brokerages. Call Center allows CSRs to book trips with less time, less clicks, and less hassle using one intuitive, modern, and simple interface.

Want to see how Call Center can help your brokerage grow? Schedule a demo with one of our staff to see how we can help you build “momentm” in your organization.

Aya Bazzi

Aya Bazzi, Marketing Outreach Specialist, brings a fresh perspective to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry. With a background in multi-media communications and content writing, Aya is passionate about creating innovative strategies to enhance customer engagement that resonate and empower diverse audiences in medical transportation.

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