The Importance of Measuring Your Average Call Time

Strategies to Reduce your Average Call Time

For any call center, measuring its Average Call Time is vital to maximizing its efficiency and revenue. Average Call Time is a metric that can reveal potential areas of improvement, such as customer satisfaction Average Call Time and operational efficiency. We understand the importance of managing an efficient operation, and we can help you decrease your Average Call Time with our new streamlined call intake software, Call Center.

Managing your time when on a call with a Medicaid member can make or break your brokerage, and in this blog, we detail why evaluating your AVERAGE CALL TIME is imperative to your brokerage’s success.


A call center’s success depends on an efficient operational strategy. Measuring your Average Call Time means examining the time an agent takes to confirm critical information, answer queries, and book trips. Efficiency is essential to optimizing your organization’s workflow and streamlining the call intake process.

When you evaluate your Average Call Time, you should be able to identify areas that need improvement, such as agent training and processing. You will see which tasks slows down the trip booking process and ultimately slows down your team.

There are many reasons why your Average Call Time is too long, such as ineffective call handling (e.g., poor listening skills, unclear communication, etc.). However, reviewing your operation strategies will improve your efficiency and decrease your Average Call Time overall.

Customer Satisfaction

From start to finish, an agent should be equipped to handle large call volumes without sacrificing the customer experience. While decreasing your Average Call Time is essential, that does not mean that interactions with members can’t also be too short. Longer calls can tell that a particular process needs to be reassessed, and calls that are too short suggest rushed and insufficient interactions.

Customer satisfaction and Average Call Time work in tandem to ensure that all recorded information is accurately detailed while providing an interaction that the member can trust. Assessing your AVERAGE CALL TIME can help better understand agent training needs or any knowledge gaps.

Customer satisfaction will suffer if your agents are insecure about the booking processes or lack industry knowledge. Proper training can ensure that agents are confident in their delivery without having to choose between efficiency and quality of service.

How Technology Can Help Improve Your Average Call Time

Implementing a comprehensive software solution can significantly streamline and elevate your operations. Doing your due diligence and researching which software solution best fits your needs is imperative to your organization’s success.  

Do Your Research

When researching, ensure that the desired solution includes essential features of your operations. Features like call handling or call routing are some examples to look for when reviewing your options.

Simple is Always Better

With so many options in the market, invest in simple software to train your agents. You want a solution that can simplify your operations, not over complicate them. Call intake software can be overwhelming to integrate, so it’s essential to consider choosing a solution your team can quickly comprehend.

Convenience is Key

Working in the NEMT industry, members may require specific accommodations that should be noted during the initial trip booking process. An integrated call intake software should offer quick and convenient access to member information and the ability to take note of their needs without spending too much time clicking through various tabs. The convenience of having a simplified dashboard means that agents can manage availability, schedule rides, and track member information without sacrificing their Average Call Time.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, tracking your Average Call Time and weighing all your options is essential. If your Average Call Time is too high or too low, consider your operation’s strategy, define pain points, and research your options. A balanced Average Call Time means quality customer service, an efficient call intake process, and more time allotted to you to manage larger call volumes.

If you want to learn more about our services and Call Center, book a demo with one of your esteemed staff to see how we can build momentum together.

Aya Bazzi

Aya Bazzi, Marketing Outreach Specialist, brings a fresh perspective to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry. With a background in multi-media communications and content writing, Aya is passionate about creating innovative strategies to enhance customer engagement that resonate and empower diverse audiences in medical transportation.

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