Enhancing Patient Care with Medical Transportation Routing Software

Enhancing Patient Care with Medical Transportation Routing Software

How an NEMT Application Can Help Better Serve Your Clients

Your first steps to success are booking trips and building an ongoing customer base, but that can only go so far. If trips are not properly organized, you risk a member having poor experiences with your service that is vital to better health outcomes.

Business leaders are quickly turning to medical routing scheduling software more and more to help modernize their processes.

Unexpected Avenues for Change with Medical Routing Scheduling Software

NEMT has grown and changed to help meet evolving health care demands. Adapting your processes can be tough on your own, but if you integrate your system with NovusMED software, you can effectively pivot to new demands, such as:

  • Meal Delivery – In-home care professionals often include meal preparation as part of their services, but certain in-home care recipients may need near-constant monitoring depending on the state of their condition. In cases like this, NEMT-assisted meal delivery is an ideal solution to ensure an at-home care professional can do their job with ease and fulfill their client’s dietary needs.
  • Social Calls – Quality care needs go beyond the basic needs for survival and demand social relationships. Humans are deeply social, which is why isolation has a profound, and well-proven deleterious, impact on people’s health. While not every NEMT application or provider can accommodate this need, certain professionals can help with these needs.
  • Specimen Delivery – In a similar situation to that of meal delivery, sometimes an at-home care professional will need to send blood or other specimen samples for examination. The common conflict with this service is the inability to leave their patient alone. If a lab does not have a driver available, some NEMT professionals can accommodate these individuals with our specimen delivery service.
  • Medical Supply – Whether it is medication or a catheter, NEMT professionals have started delivering important medical assets to in-home care professionals, ensuring they do not have to leave their patient.
  • Automated Fleets – Looking into the future, this service is vital as demand for NEMT increases and eligibility requirements broaden. Automated route creation could allow an entire fleet to be scheduled automatically through NovusMED. While it would not be a good fit for passengers with more specific needs, passengers who cannot drive, but are otherwise independent, could have even greater ease of transportation.

Medical Routing Software for Transportation – NEMT Solutions as Unique as Your Business

While our NEMT applications serve a wide range of needs, several business models can unlock their own unique benefits after partnering with Momentm:

  • PACE Programs – Keeping your participants’ information in NovusMED’s system means you can coordinate their needs with a myriad of service offerings. With the click of a button, you can update them automatically and prevent human errors.
  • MCOs –Implement our online Passenger Portal, you can provide additional value to your members by letting them book trips without having to call your scheduling or dispatch departments. Doing so will eliminate foot traffic in dispatch offices and offer clearer visibility in the on-route process.
  • NEMT Brokers – If you use credential management features, you will never have to worry if any of the vehicles or drivers need to update their permits or licenses or get repairs done. NovusMED’s broker model helps to coordinate transportation trips for members and fills your many regulatory needs. For example, should a member need a quick ride after a hospital discharge, NovusMED permits members to identify the closest provider to limit their wait time.
  • Transportation Providers – Robust reporting capabilities help you find inefficiencies in your operations, optimizing your schedules and routes. NovusMED software offers transportation providers real-time monitoring, tracking, and communication with drivers.

Making Your Common Issues Disappear

Your NEMT business manages a lot in a single day and those everyday frustrations can slow down your or your team’s workflow. If any of the following issues sounds familiar, NovusMED has the solution:

  • Repeat scheduling for consistent riders – Your relationship with consistent riders is vital to helping your business thrive. When they book the same services, it can feel redundant to create their schedules from scratch each time. NovusMED offers a subscription service that includes routine information to the automated scheduling system. Should members prefer the same vehicle/driver pairing, NovusMED uses their preferences in the scheduling process. By collecting this data, our automated scheduling can alleviate dispatcher’s time and effort to focus on more pressing matters.
  • Shuffling riders after sudden changes – On the opposite side of things, riders who have sudden changes in needs can result in schedule changes. Thankfully, automated scheduling can help with this as well. You can prompt NovusMED to reprioritize scheduling rules based on a rider’s updated healthcare information in your system. Dispatchers can act proactively in these cases, enhancing the overall client experience.
  • Trip cancellations while dispatch unavailable –Members are sent notifications the night before their ride, giving them the opportunity to cancel their ride. Reminder notifications prevent the potential for no-shows and fewer unnecessary trips.

Your Partner in Medical Transportation Routing Software

NEMT is a constantly shifting and growing part of healthcare. While you can take measures to stay ahead of the curve, such as doing research and training your staff for the future, a full overhaul of your system may be necessary.

Contact us now to talk to one of our team members about what Momentm’s offerings could do to help your business prepare for the future.

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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