Are You Getting the Most From Your Computer? 5 Signs You Need NEMT Software

Watching The Imitation Game, we are reminded how computer systems are perhaps the greatest achievement of the 20th century. However, systems have greatly changed in the past 60 years from simple data storage devices to full functioning automated systems. What once took up an entire room can now fit neatly into your back pocket. Most computer users, however, rarely employ more than a small portion of the complete functionality that is at their disposal.

Over the years, the benefits of automation and data storage have been adapted by savvy developers and users to suit the unique needs of a wide variety of industries. NEMT software is not a new technology, nor is the use of computers in an NEMT office. Modern day providers are seeking a deeper functionality from their back office computers: they want to get the most from their technology. Are you using your computer network to its full potential? Answer these 5 questions to find out.

1. Are You Still Inputting Data Manually?

If you are using paper manifests as the only technology to capture data, you aren’t sharing that data properly. Consider how long it takes for a driver to write down an on-time arrival verification. Then consider the time between when it was written down and when a manager or scheduler can read it.

2. Can You Optimize Routes?

An empty van is a costly van. Sending a vehicle to a location before receiving a trip cancelation notification can cost not only the time of the driver, but added fuel costs and of course the reimbursement for the ineligible trip. NEMT software is designed to calculate the best routes and timings by matching a client’s schedule with your vehicles.

3. Can You Coordinate Will Calls and Guarantee Return Rides?

Again, empty vehicle miles are a pointless waste of resources. Coordinating return rides or handling will calls don’t need to cause frustration and create potential hazards to your schedule. With schedule optimizing software, you can easily see your routes on a map as well as the trip time calculations to enable a guaranteed return ride.

4. Do You Have Complete Visibility Into Data?

You may already be using computers to input and store data, but can you assemble that data into reports? You need to be able to track utilization and provide historical information for audits. Not only for external reviews, but also for internal analysis to encourage the growth of your business. You can’t fix what you can’t see. NEMT software can show you exactly how many no-shows a client has made. It can show you which drivers have the best on-time performance.

5. Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

For a NEMT provider to increase their number of trips or expand a service area, they will find it increasingly more difficult to manage their fleet. If you can’t remember a hundred addresses, locations and medical appointment times in your head, then you have outgrown manual or legacy systems.

NEMT Software in the Modern Day

Computer systems have generally been employed for their two main strengths: speed and accuracy. Once accurate data is entered into the system it can be called up quickly. Data importing features ensure that fewer manual key strokes are needed, which greatly increases the accuracy of the data being imported. However, computers are now also used for their ability to connect stakeholders. Coordinating between departments has become a far easier task because of how computers connect and share data through both the Internet and internal networks.

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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