A Roadmap to Happiness: How PACE Transportation for Seniors Enriches Their Lives

We’re passionate about effective NEMT solutions for so many reasons:

  • Addressing a social determinant of health
  • Enabling better health outcomes
  • Helping people thrive
  • Creating more opportunities for under-represented communities

These goals overlap in a major spot for PACE programs—enabling better health outcomes and helping people thrive, so it makes sense for them to use NEMT services and PACE scheduling software to their full advantage. NEMT can be adapted for so many kinds of care, so let’s explore the ways it can help with PACE programs to create happier, healthier lives for participants.

Empower Seniors’ Independence

In senior care, helping older adults maintain as much independence as possible is an essential part of the process. The moment that’s not at the forefront is the moment older adults can start to feel alienated by the people who have been charged with helping maintain their health and quality of life.

Unfortunately, aging can increase older adults’ assistance needs. Often the first people they turn to are family and friends. Many seniors may find this to be embarrassing or degrading. When they’re enrolled in a PACE program, they will likely need transportation to various appointments and resources or need vital meals and prescriptions.

NEMT, especially when empowered by PACE software for transportation, can help decrease the feelings of dependence that participants may feel if they have to ask family for help consistently.

Reduce Stress on Both Sides

When a PACE program uses NEMT PACE transportation for seniors, it provides something we can’t even begin to quantify the value of peace of mind.

Logistics are hard for most people, let alone a population of people who are already seeking specialized care. Make it a daily concern and the importance of having a singular solution skyrockets.

This is why transportation software is such a boon for PACE programs as it can help with so many logistical concerns and improve quality of life for employees and participants. On top of getting participants to where they need to go, NEMT providers can help deliver meals, test results, important medical supplies, and prescriptions.

Additionally, NEMT can help participants get to social engagements that they would otherwise have to turn down due to lack of transport. Decreasing social isolation is key to helping reduce stress, especially for older adults.

Increase Availability & Coverage

Using NEMT PACE transportation for seniors doesn’t just make it easier for participants to get what they need and might not otherwise pursue due to lack of transport, it can increase coverage area.

Rural populations are often underserved by US healthcare simply due to being remote. NEMT professionals are making greater pushes to bring coverage to these areas. When PACE and NEMT work together, PACE programs can expand their coverage area and provide their services to a community that can sometimes get left behind gets the care it deserves.

Depending on the NEMT partner a program chooses, they can also expand their pool of health professionals able to go out to rural areas by providing transport to employees without access to a personal vehicle.

PACE Software for Transportation Can Help Take it a Step Further

PACE programs have so many service offerings to keep track of, any efficiencies they can find are crucial. This is why PACE scheduling software can be such a helpful tool. From auto-generating optimized routes to keeping track of crucial data tied to KPIs, the right NEMT software can be hand-tailored for any program’s needs.

Contact us now to speak to a team member who will be happy to help you find a new level of excellence for your program.

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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