November is the Month to Celebrate Seniors

With Thanksgiving around this time of year and as we prepare for the holidays, November is the most appropriate month to pay special attention to the mobility needs and safety concerns of the aging population. While the US will celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day on May 27 of 2015, this is the time of year when we remember and acknowledge the contributions of our senior population. November is also the month when Canadians recently celebrated National Senior Safety during the week of Nov. 6-14.

The Growing Demand for Seniors Programs

Did you know that, in the US, it is estimated that by 2030 there will be about 72 million older persons, which is going to double the number of older people that were counted in 2000. This means that nearly 20% of the population is going to require safe, dependable and affordable transportation in the very near future. It’s not a leap of logic to realize that organizations that operate Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) are going to undergo a renaissance when it comes to providing service. As demand increases, managing and scheduling issues are going to be at the vanguard of concerns for PACE organizations. This is why considering the implementation of PACE Scheduling software now rather than later, is highly recommended. As the number of participants grow, automation is designed to handle the tricky areas of scheduling and routing.

PACE scheudling software is specifically designed to address the areas that matter most to seniors. Things like:

  • Dependability
  • Vehicles being on time for pickups and appointments
  • Vehicles having the appropriate set up for their personal comfort
  • Quick response for last second trips

PACE Scheduling Software can Prepare for Future Demand

With the growth in the aging population, PACE organizations will need to grow along with them. What you need is a PACE scheduling software solution that is scalable to grow with your agency. From a single bus or van, to a large trip broker managing an entire fleet of sub-contracted providers, you will always have the power at your fingertips to keep the service moving well and on time.

Data collection regarding trips, billing and accountability, funding issues, etc., are all part of what makes NEMT software solution so essential. Consider the amount of data that is going to be crossing your desk in the next 10 years and then consider how much easier it will be when it is all organized, stored, and accessible from an internal or web-based database.

Tell Us What Matters Most

What matters to you and your clients? What matters to your members, patients and caregivers? What are the major challenges you see in the coming decade? It would help our entire community to know what to expect and how we can all work together to help address the future demand.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate our aging population this month by committing to provide for their transit needs now and well into the future. Contact us directly to learn more about automation and how it can dramatically streamline an agency’s entire operation.

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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