Bus Pass Benefits for NEMT

Keeping costs down while maintaining service standards is a growing concern of NEMT brokers. Offering riders the option of pre-paid bus passes instead of door-to-door trips is one way to significantly reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of service.

Why Bus Passes?

It makes sense to offer bus passes for ambulatory riders who live in areas that are well served by fixed route buses. In addition to being a cost-effective option, taking the bus encourages riders to maintain their sense of independence, which may have a positive bearing on morale and overall health.

Software to Manage Bus Passes

Many brokers have already recognized the value in offering bus passes, and are currently administering bus pass programs. However, managing bus passes manually is complex, as there are many factors that must be accurately tracked and accounted for.

We saw the need for an easier way to manage bus pass inventories and administer fixed route bookings. In a recent update to our NEMT scheduling software, we’ve added a technical tool that allows users to easily manage bus transports.

Key features of the bus pass management tool include the ability to:

Manage Inventory of Bus Passes

  • Create provider listings for fixed route transit providers
  • Set up pass and ticket types and fares
  • Generate serial numbers
  • Track inventory and distribution

Manage Bus Bookings

  • Set transit as the preferred provider
  • Associate passes or tickets with trips
  • Calculate the cost per trip
  • Automatically calculate end of month reconciliation

Kris Lyon

Kris, VP, Business Development, specializes in adapting the operational needs of customers to Momentm's NEMT software platforms. With a strong 30+ year history working in the Health and Human Services field, Kris provides insight into the health care industry and its relation to medical transportation.

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